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About BV24 Best Value for money

About BV24

BV24 is part of Tax & Service Solutions and has many years of experience in assisting expats finding their way in The Netherlands while doing business.

We provide an excellent service with the highest standards in The Netherlands for fair prices.

Not only do we make sure you can setup a Dutch BV we also assist our clients with all the other matters they encounter when incorporating a Dutch B.V.
The complete service packages makes us no. 1 in The Netherland for startups and existing companies to choose BV24 when it comes down to starting your business in The Netherlands as a foreigner

Our Core Values

Our clients concerns are our number 1 priority

Exceeding expectations of our clients

Performance without stress for our clients

Dealing in a fair way with clients, (business) partners and authorities

Maintaining strict confidentiality on all our client matters

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We work as much as possible paperless. Unfortunately it is not always possible to send forms and documents to the Dutch tax authorities digitally. Therefore we are sometimes forced to use paper.

98% of our work is done paperless!!

We provide an easy way to incorporate your Dutch Limited Liability Company within just 3 easy steps. Just fill in our form and we will make sure you will be in business. All your information will be treated with full confidentially.

A Dutch BV will enable you to do business within the European Union and you will have all the benefits the EU has to offer you:No Vat if you trade with other EU counties for example. Because we realize the Dutch tax system is new to you we fully support new clients with their VAT matters in The Netherlands. Contact us and learn more

Many satisfied clients have been served by BV24 in the past and because we do what we promise and promise what we do, we have been our clients number 1 agent to set up a Dutch BV. Try our service and we will be sure we meet all your requirements.

Our Clients

The below mentioned companies have chosen BV24 to incorporate their Dutch BV in the past few months

Coastal Consulting BV

Coastal consulting BV

Bearpaw Europe BV

Bearpaw Europe BV

East BV24

East African Experience BV

Dynamic Sales Solutions BV

and the following BV’s as well

  • Dental Solutions by Swing BV
  • Armstrong Energy BV
  • Royston Vasey BV
  • Integrated-TIS BV

And many more