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Legal Address services

Your new legal addressStarting a new Dutch BV involves more than only going to the notary and registering the BV at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Your Dutch BV needs to have a legal address. When you live in The Netherlands you can use your home address.  This will be considered the legal address for the BV without any problem.

Living outside The Netherlands means you will need to make sure your new BV has an address before the incorporation can be finalized.

For these clients, we have the possibility to arrange a legal address. We also provide this service for existing BV’s, who are looking for a cheaper option.

Different Legal address options

Our legal address service is one of the cheapest in the country with 2 options in 5 different cities.

Option 1: € 150,- one-time fee & € 41,28 per month

This is our basic legal address option. The BV will be registered in Heerhugowaard. This will be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). Heerhugowaard  is a small town north of Amsterdam. You will have a full access to the office and your own office space.  You are also able to meet your clients at this location without any additional costs. Meetings with a large number of people are also possible when required.

Option 2: € 175,- one-time fee & € 61,94 per month

Your legal address will still be Heerhugowaard for the KvK. Your postal address and visiting address will be in one of the 4 major cities in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht. By choosing this option your business will have more exposure. You can meet your clients in one of the offices in these cities for a small additional fee. If you want to work or meet clients without paying an additional fee you are always free to use the office space in your legal address in Heerhugowaard.

Both options have the possibility to pay the monthly rent by bank transfer or by credit card. The monthly rent will not be collected by BV24 but you will pay monthly payment directly to the landlord of the office.